Curing Fear

This article reminds me of this guy who went to the psychologist.
- Every night I see a crocodile getting out of my bed and trying to eat me.
The psychologist prescribed some medication and after each visit increased the dose.  When the guy stopped coming the psychologist went to check his patient at home. Nobody answered the door. The psychologist asked a neighbor.
-Have you seen Joe lately ?
-What you don't know?  A crocodile ate him.


Powerball Shame

What more proof that this nation is loosing its touch? Nobody won this 900 mils Powerball.  So nobody could pick the actual nimbers, but it turns out that over 90% of the numbers were machine generated. Are the machines rigged or are our progammers (in India or China) incapable?
And now, to compensate for the inability to win, the prize was increased.