google the brains

The internet as we know it will disappear.  This statement  is intended to mean that the internet will be ubiquitous.  All over. One would not notice it or pay any importance. And all our activities will be monitored. Measured. Limited and controlled. Intelligence. What will it mean or what does it mean?
To google will mean get in each and everyone's mind and move the info.



Was looking for a book -Alone Together - at Barnes & Noble's. Turned out there are more than ten books with same title. Probably the authors were so isolated that they did not know of the existence of the other books.
They were provably published before the internet allowed searches...Probably this explains the development of  the social media. Now we are all connected together and lonely.


Cocteau c'est moi

Is it cultural confusion or just my confused memory? I wrote a post Charlie c'est moi when everybody uses Je suis Chalie. My intent was to allude to the famous Cocteau "C'est moi" from La machine a ecrire. Or was it in Cocteau's La machine infernale?