Stealing on the way out

Jon Stewart left saying bullshit is everywhere. This has been my line all along. See this blog as proof. Did he steal this line or this theory "was in the air"? Bullshit.


Brother can

-Sir, can you spare a dime?
-Thanks for the opportunity, but I pass.
I gave this impromptu answer. But seriously the principle pushed by the Republican machine is  - don't tax the ultra high earners. They are job creators!
But seems to me the job creators are pocketing the money and skipping the job creation. Or at best they creae the jobs in Bangladesh where they come cheap.


Being Kramer

The other day was thinking to write a post on a Seinfeld theme - Sometimes I should stop being George and should be Kramer. Liberating. The following day  this article ran in the paper. OK, may be I should avoid being Kramer.