It turns out that during Napoleon III the French anthem was Partons pour la Syrie, In fact it was referring to the campaign in Egypt.  They kind of messed it, the French. And now they are left with going out to drink to show defiance.

Sang Impur

Yesterday, at the beginning of the show the choir sang La Marseillaise.  After all the Messiahs that I did not know and could not sing, here there was a song to my own deity- French democracy or revolution or whatever. Was the only one around who new the words. I sang along. Of course - my singing was false. Born with the wrong pitch. Sang Impur.


Shark talk

So what is one major problem of American adult males? Besides dating. Matching socks after laundry. One might wear unmatched socks or might have a foreign born (compliant ) wife. Else you can spend money eternally buying socks or having all socks of same type. I found a cheaper solution - have your dog match the socks. Every normal guy has a dog. The problem is that dogs are color blind. So I am working on some kind of color restoration glasses....