Proving intellect....

The US is planning to place tariffs on Chinese products because of past past Chinese intellectual theft. Asked about it a Chinese official replied. "Fake news" stealing Trump's intellectual.....


Me too, or Le Rouge et le Noir

never liked Catherine Deneuve and did not actually read " en direct" the statement she signed. Reports are that it criticized me (too). There is no doubt that  there are many women that were violated or mistreated, but what we have now is an elitist cultural hysteria (if I may use such word).. So I think Deneuve may have a point and I salute the  French  who signed.  Feminine is a word of French  Latin origin.
But I bow even deeper in front of Blanca Blanco who looked good in her  red dress and did not care for the political black.  Why would Ms White White (in translation from some Latin language ) wear black. I admire but would not dare to tell it in her face,



It is time to get real. There was no collusion, that is there was no quid pro quo or anything like this. The Russians did not expect Trump to win. Nor did Trump. Putin helped Trump hoping  to get a weakened Hillary president. Everybody in the Trump clique was trying to position themselves for maximum deals and profits post (lost) election.  Why Russia? This is where money flows to few and the oligarchs  like to spend abroad...There was nothing else. There is nothing seriously immoral in trying to milk the corrupt, launder some dirty money...Just dirty reality.